The Trustee and accreditations

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The Trustee

The Master Trust is looked after by a trustee company, SEI Trustees Limited. The trustee company has a board of directors who look after the Scheme. Throughout this site we just refer to them as ‘the Trustee’.

By law, it’s the Trustee’s job to make sure that the Master Trust is run properly and in the best interests of the members. So, it makes sense that people on the Trustee board have lots of expertise and commitment. And, to prevent any conflict of interest, everyone on the board is independent from the employers using the Master Trust, the administrators of the Master Trust and other companies providing services to the Master Trust.

The Trustee looks after all aspects of the Master Trust and meets up during the year to ensure that the scheme is being run properly and by the rules, as well as considering how it can be improved.


The SEI Master Trust is authorised by the Pensions Regulator (as all Master Trusts are required to be) and we're proud to say that we have achieved the Master Trust Framework Accreditation.