Leaving your employer

Saving with us

Your money can stay invested with us for as long as you want

You will stop paying contributions into your SEI Master Trust account if you leave your employer. Your money will stay safely invested with the SEI Master Trust (and hopefully continue to grow) until you decide to use it or transfer it to another scheme.

You will continue to:

  • pay the same charges;
  • have access to the same investment options; and
  • have access to your savings through our drawdown option from minimum pension age (if you wish)

Read our guide for what you can expect when transferring your Master Trust account to another pension arrangement.

Please be aware that as the SEI Master Trust is not a retail product, once you leave you won’t be able to re-join (unless you join another employer who may use us as their pension provider).

If you want to transfer your savings to another scheme, please contact us or fill out the transfer form included with your leaver letter.