Investing with the SEI Master Trust

Saving with us

Investing your pension account helps it to grow

Contributions from you and your employer are invested in the funds you choose and held in your pension account. Your pension account will continue to grow as more money gets paid into it and your investments hopefully grow. Then, when you get to retirement (currently age 55 or above but rising to 57 from April 2028), you can use your pension account, or continue to work and let it grow some more until you decide to take it.

Investment profiles

We've got three investment profiles, so you can choose how involved you want to be in the investment of your pension account.

'Do it for me' profile investing

This means that as you approach your Target Retirement Date, we start to gradually switch your investments into lower risk, more predictable funds. These funds work on the principle that you invest in more risky funds when you are younger to get the highest returns. As you get closer to retirement, your pension account is switched into less risky funds over a period to protect the value of your pension account before your retirement day. This is the standard investment profile so if you don’t choose your own investment profile, this is where your pension account is invested.

’Help me do it’ profile investing

This means you can choose an investment approach based around your risk level and your retirement outcome.

Although it’s unlikely that when you start saving for the future you’ll know how you want to take your pension account, it’s worth having a read about the three different options available to you when you retire. Go to the ‘Your options’ section to find out more about how you can use your savings at retirement

'Let me do it' profile investing

You can choose where your pension account is invested and you can invest in as many or as few funds as you want.

The Trustee will not make any changes to your fund choice, so you’ll need to keep an eye on your investments as you get closer to retirement. We suggest that you choose this option only if you are confident about investments and your goals for retirement. Please note that some funds have higher charges than others as they might be actively managed or invest in more specialist assets.

There are many different funds to choose from, ranging from higher risk equities, through to property, bonds and cash. Go to the page to find out more about the different kinds of investments, or read through your investment guide for details of the specific funds available to you. For members who were previously part of the Atlas Master Trust, go to the library and select the right employer to view your guide. Otherwise, you can find the full investment guide for your section by logging in to your online account.