Paying into your account

Saving with us

The SEI Master Trust helps you save for the future

Both you and your employer, if you’re still employed, pay in contributions to your online account with the SEI Master Trust. Each month the money that is paid in is invested on your behalf.

The benefits of saving in this way are:

  • The money you pay in is not subject to income tax (up to £60,000 per year unless you’re a high earner)
  • You benefit from your employer’s contributions – extra money you wouldn’t get otherwise
  • Over time your money has the chance to benefit from investment returns which gives you a much better chance of living the life you want in retirement

Read our guide for what to expect when your regular contributions go into your Master Trust account.

You can work out how much you might need in retirement by using our Budget Planner and read more about retirement income on the Retirement Living Standards website.

Please note once you leave your employer, you won’t be able to make contributions to your SEI Master Trust account. However your money will remain invested and you'll keep your account with the SEI Master Trust. More details about your options after you have left your employer can be found here.


You get tax relief on your contributions which means it costs you £80 to pay in £100. You may save on your National Insurance contributions too, if your employer has a ‘salary sacrifice’ scheme, meaning you pay even less. Find out about the contributions you and your employer make from your employer.

You can see how this works for you by using our contributions calculator.

Boosting your savings

You can save more money for your future. If you’re not sure how much you will need in retirement, you can use our Budget Planner.

Pay more

To see how much you’re currently paying in, log on to your online account. You can find a summary of the contributions you and your employer pay by going to ‘My Contributions’.

Use the Pension Planner on your online account to see the impact you could have on your projected annual pension. For example, you could increase your contributions or make a one-off payment.

Please note, you may have to contact your payroll/HR department to change how much you pay in.

Transferring other pensions into the SEI Master Trust

If you have other pension savings, you could transfer them into the SEI Master Trust. Then all your pensions will be in the same place and it’ll be easier for you to look after them.

Most defined contribution (DC) pensions, which build up in the same way as your SEI Master Trust account, can be transferred in. You may not be able to transfer in defined benefit (DB) pensions, it will depend on your individual circumstances.

Read our guide for what you can expect when transferring a previous pension into your Master Trust account.

Deciding whether it’s best to transfer can be tricky, so you should consider taking financial advice first. The MoneyHelper website has useful information about finding and using financial advisers. If you would like to transfer a pension in, please contact the team.