What is a Master Trust?

About us

A Master Trust is a large, professionally run pension scheme which is authorised and supervised by The Pensions Regulator. It’s made up of lots of different employers, each with their own section within the SEI Master Trust.

Employers benefit from an expertly managed pension arrangement, while you have access to the tools and support to take control of your money. The SEI Master Trust has employers from a variety of industries and looks after £2bn of members' money.

Keeping your money safe

All the money paid in is put into individual pension accounts and kept separate from your employer. It’s held on your behalf by the Trustee. When we say it’s your pension, it really is your pension. So, if the worst happened and your employing company went bust, the money paid into your pension account would be safe and wouldn’t be affected.

Contact SEI Master Trust

If you need to speak to the SEI Master Trust Administration Team, please use the following details:

Call: 0800 011 3540

Email: memberenquiries@seimastertrust.co.uk